Solar Marketing: Top 5 Influencers

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The solar industry has taken off in terms of popularity and demand, with people and businesses increasingly looking for ways to move away from conventional energy sources and go toward renewable energy sources. As such, it’s important to have a good understanding of the industry and get advice from the right people to make the most out of your efforts, whether it’s marketing or production.

Fortunately, there are a number of solar industry influencers out there who can provide you with insights into the industry, tips on marketing and production, and advice on how to make the most of the solar energy market. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top solar industry influencers you can follow for marketing tips:

Solar Influencer – Solar Industry Association (SIA)

1. Solar Industry Association: The Solar Industry Association is a leading organization in the solar industry, established in 1950. It provides insight into industry trends and offers invaluable resources, such as data points, information on industry regulations, and technical reports. It also offers a forum in which industry professionals can discuss topics and make connections.

Solar Influencer – Alex Andreou

2. Alex Andreou: Alex Andreou is the Managing Director of Solar Business Hub, a consultancy and service provider in the solar industry. He’s a leading solar industry expert, having co-authored an authoritative book on the solar industry and providing his clients with insights into industry regulations and sales best practices.

Solar Influencer – Sara Gutterman

3. Sara Gutterman: Sara Gutterman is an experienced consultant and CEO of Green Builder Media, which offers a number of resources to help with solar energy marketing. She also founded Solar Marketing Solutions, a training workshop for solar professionals, and provides valuable insights into the industry through her blog posts.

Solar Influencer – Frank Andorka

4. Frank Andorka: Frank Andorka is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Renewable Energy World, an online publication that provides industry news and resources. He’s an experienced solar energy journalist and provides valuable advice for solar businesses on his blog.

Solar Influencer – David Turner

5. David Turner: David Turner is the CEO of SolarReviews, an online resource for homeowners looking for reliable solar energy providers. His blog provides helpful information and resources on solar industry technology, and trends.