Harnessing the Power of Multiple Channels to Boost Your Commission-Only Sales Talent Pool

In a world where the competition for skilled talent is fierce, having a robust recruitment strategy is paramount for any growth-oriented company.


The Recruiting Launch program offers a streamlined solution to this but when approaching yourself, augmenting your strategy through various channels can significantly impact your success rate. This blog explores how you can leverage job boards, paid social media advertisements, and college recruiting to hire more commission-only sales talent and drive your business forward.


Tapping into the Ambition of College Students & Graduates

College recruiting is a goldmine for discovering ambitious, fresh talent eager to kickstart their careers in sales. Collaborate with universities, attend career fairs, and host webinars to connect with potential candidates. Offer them a clear pathway to success through your commission-only sales roles and guide them to your Recruiting Launch landing page to explore this opportunity further. Some of our top leadership came from talent retuning from college internship programs (They recruit BIG teams).


1: Request to connect with colleges in your markets on Handshake


2: Locate The Schools IFC President Contact Address from the Universities IFC website. Reach out and request to connect with fraternities and sororities. Get a list of chapter presidents emails. Send them all an email about a professional development and training opportunity for their chapter.


 3: Post Job Postings On Handshake for Internships, Externships, Job Shadowing and Full-Time Positions


4: Reach out the University’s Career Services Department And Create A Relationship.


5: Reach Out To The Head Of The Sales Program (If It Exists) or the professor in charge of the sales certificate program.


6: Schedule Monthly Event On Handshake For People To Come Learn About Your Opportunity (TopGolf Platinum Corporate Membership is a lifesaver here) 


7: Schedule 2 Monthly On Campus Visits To Invite People To Your Events (Setup Booth In Student Union and Business School)


8. Signup For School Career Fairs


9. Create A Great Experience For Your Interns and New Hires. Have someone return from that school and head up recruiting on your behalf. 

BOOM – Evergreen Recruiting Source for YEARS to come.


Discovering Untapped Talent on Job Boards

Job boards remain a rich source of potential candidates. Posting your commission-only sales positions on reputable job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and niche boards specific to sales or your industry, will cast a wide net. Make sure your listings are well-optimized with keywords related to commission-only sales roles to attract the right talent. Additionally, consider using sponsored posts to increase the visibility of your listings and drive more qualified candidates to your Recruiting Launch landing page.


In order to optimize your time spent on these platforms we suggest implementing an automated merit based strategy. Here’s what that means:


In the job posting put a link to an “assignment” for the candidate to complete. The assignment is to upload a 30-60 second recorded video pitch using a script you provide. Second they will have to complete a personality test and upload their results. Lastly they will finish the form with the uploads. If they complete all of these tasks and submit the form – GIVE THEM THE INTERVIEW.


They have shown some merit by completing the tasks, scheduling the call, show up virtually looking put together then advance them to in person. Job posting boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are a volume play. As such you shouldn’t waste too much time here. We suggest automating the process up until the interview hits your calendar for this channel.


Amplifying Your Reach with Paid Social Media Ads

The top sales talent that you want IS MORE THAN LIKELY ALREADY HAPPILY EMPLOYED. By using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Linkedin, which are no longer just social networking sites; you can tap into powerful recruitment arenas. 


Utilizing paid ads on these platforms allows you to target individuals based on their job titles, industries, and interests. Create compelling ad content that highlights the benefits of your commission-only sales roles, and direct interested candidates to your landing page to learn more about your opportunity. A well-strategized social media campaign can drastically increase your engagement and retargeting opportunities creating you a pipeline of talent and build your brand as a local employer.


Bridging the Gap to Success

With a multi-channel recruitment strategy, you not only broaden your reach but also create multiple touchpoints to engage and retarget potential candidates. The Recruiting Launch program is your partner in this endeavor, ensuring a structured approach to hiring commission-only sales talent. Take the first step towards supercharging your sales force by exploring the Recruiting Launch program here.


Utilizing a blend of traditional and digital channels for your recruitment efforts will ensure a steady influx of motivated, commission-only sales talent, ready to propel your business to new heights

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