Garage Door Launch Will Get You More Garage Door Install & Repair Jobs In 30 Days Guaranteed

Are you a garage door company owner or leader?
Do you struggle to get enough consistent new garage door install and repair jobs on the calendar?
Tired of relying solely on Google To Get Business?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, Garage Door Launch is exactly what you're looking for!
The Landscape of Garage Door Marketing is Changing
In this rapidly changing atmosphere of #hashtags, native advertising, SEO, PPC, CPC, BYOB, etc., it can be hard to know where you should focus your marketing efforts to get predictable and profitable results.. Garage Door Launch Has The Answers....
But You Have a Trump Card ...
… And it ISN’T just an intangible concept or underwhelming e-course on the World Wide Web. It’s a physical system, a software, pixels and data analytics, you implement into your business in less than an hour and have customers beating down your door non-stop.

What is it?


Garage Door Launch is a first of it's kind full marketing and sales funnel + AI built to engage with leads dynamically and able to answer questions to each lead upfront. By doing so, it's able to convert nearly 50% of all appointments into booking directly on the calendar without speaking to a human at all. Can you say overhead savings?

Tony's Business FLOURISHED Thanks to Garage Door Launch's Proven Strategy


Tony's garage door business was in some seriously dire straits! His  garage door repair and installation service wasn’t getting the online traction it needed. Just as he was beginning to run out of rope, after having his Google account shut down without reason, he found Garage Door Launch. 

Using the Garage Door Launch system, Tony launched Facebook ads within 20 mins of signing up and started getting leads that same day! When Tony came to us, he was doing $11k/month. After his first 30 days with Garage Door Launch Tony's company did $24k! Over double what he did the month prior.
Here's What You Get With Garage Door Launch
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee a 100% refund on the cost of the system if you don't generate leads and appointments that result in double the amount of sales than the system cost. All we ask is you implement these systems and strategies fully for 30 days and attend all of our weekly group coaching calls. If you still do not see results we will refund you no questions asked.
How Does This System Generate Jobs?
In the system we have multiple unique strategies to generate leads and turn those into appointments with AI. These include paid ads, Local SEO and some secret sauce we can't share publicly. This system produces jobs - Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

Angelo R.
Hometown Exteriors
"I’m just thrilled with the results Garage Door Launch has produced. Not only has it generated a ton of new business, it’s enabled me to completely manhandle my competition. Literally! Ha ha ha ha!"
Garage Door Monkey
My Google account was hacked and I lost the ability to run any ads. I was looking at a pretty bad situation before I found Garage Door Launch. They got me back up and running and hit $24k in sales from the appointments my first 30 days . Highly recommend!
Get 2x ROI Guaranteed Or Your Money Back






Does this work in ABC market?
YES! We have seen these strategies work in numerous markets in the US. Costs vary slightly but all have been highly profitable for clients..
Who Do I Contact If I Need Support?
We offer many support channels to fit your unique needs including - Email, Text and Phone support PLUS you'll have access to our Client SKOOL community where you can access support via chat. Additionally, there is an AI assistant built into the system to answer basic questions and how-to's ; )
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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
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I Want More Garage Door Install & Repair Jobs
 This month (as of March 20th) Tony has generated over 108 leads and 10 on this one day alone on just $85 per day of ad spend using one of the Garage Door Launch Strategies.

✅ Predictably profitable ad campaigns in a few clicks

✅ Convert More Leads With  DoorWise AI

✅ Close More Deals With AI Automated Follow-Up

The DoorWise 

"G.O.A.T" Funnel

 DoorWise AI

Our Proven Library of High Converting Garage Door Install and Repiar ads. You Can Choose From Repair and Installation Options, Fill In The Blanks with your info, and launch in minutes or hours instead of weeks to start generating high-quality leads (Backed by $1M+ of Ad Spend On Our Behalf)

Copy and Paste Automated Email and SMS Follow-Up Templates From Our Proven Library, Fill in Your Logo and Start Converting your old bids into cold hard cash

Our EXACT Landing Pages We Use To Generate Leads and Appointments That UNIVERSALLY Works in ANY MARKET, The Forms, survey, and calendar pages necessary all READY For You To Send Traffic To As Soon as Today...

Access our exclusive DoorWise AI built to book you more Garage Door Installation and repair jobs predictably. Connect your calendar to have it offer available slots to your leads. Add custom knowledge base for your business to have it handle all your inbound inquiries.

Generate more reviews DoorWise AI handles all your Google Review Generation and  Responses Automatically ensuring you never miss an opportunity to optimize your online preesense.

Why does it exist?

We created this for our clients to help them break away from relying on Paid Google Ads solely for traffic. They had seen the cost steadily rising and afteer a few reached out to us, we realized there was a real problem here. A problem we could solve simply and effectively with Garage Door Launch.

How does it work?

Leads are generated via paid marketing and organic traffic strategies and worked by AI Assistant to generate you leads and book you appointments without spending 40 hours a week managing every thing or hiriing more people.

Who Is It For?

Garage door companies, garage door marketers or anyone ready to generate and close more garage door installation and repair jobs.

Get Access InstantlyI Want More Garage Door Install & Repair Jobs

DoorWise AI automatically hashes your website traffic and pull out 20%-30% of visitor data without them ever submittiing a form (YES, It's 100% Legal) Get more from your paid and organiic traffiic.

Bonus: Garage Door Launch Extras Pack

Marketing Strategy Planning Spreadsheet Pack

Save Time and Money With Our Keyword Research Reports

The Ultimate Garage Door Appoinitment Script to make sure you close like a pro

Paid Ad Test Bank To See Historical Best Performers and get new ideas for future campaigns

Learn How To Make More Money Offering Customers Financing For Services

I'm Ready To Book More Install & Repair Jobs

$8k Additional Profit With These Strategies

Full Week of Work Booked on a Monday

Client overwhelmed with jobs hitting from our AI Follow-up

Client got the spark back after battling with Google

The Garage Door 

"G.O.A.T" Funnel

$5,999 Value

DoorWise AI

Garage Door Launch Resource Pack

$9,999 Value

$299 Value

For The FIrst 50 New Sign Ups



+ One-Time Implementation Fee

I Want More Garage Door Install & Repair JobsI'm Ready To Book More Install & Repair Jobs